Tyre Brands

Tyres – they’re all the same, right? Not exactly. Automotive tyres are as unique as the vehicles they’re mounted on. Manufacturers design tyres to meet the needs of every automotive make and model. Each tyre manufacturer uses its own technologies and designs to make unique, safe, and high-quality tyres that can be applied to many vehicles and sometimes different vehicle types. Automotive manufacturers decide which of these tyres goes on their vehicles when they’re assembled. This is called original equipment. Automotive manufacturers either choose the tyres or have tyres specially designed for specific vehicles. In order to be original equipment, automotive tyres have to pass strict safety and performance tests.

Tyre Brands

Find the Right Tyres for Your Vehicle

To keep your vehicle running like it should, we recommend the tyres that meet your automakers requirements. Your driving style, your vehicle, and the conditions you drive in also determine which tyres suit you. We know the importance of the original equipment standards for your vehicle. These standards determine which tyres keep your vehicle performing safely. Choosing the right tyres for your vehicle not only helps your vehicle perform safely, but also helps you preserve its original performance. Take a look at wheels24.co.uk for affordable tyres and plenty of options to pick from.

Get Top Service at Installation

After you choose your tyres, go to an automotive dealership for installation. We trust automotive dealerships because the service staff members at dealerships are trained and certified by automotive manufacturers to work on specific vehicles. By having your tyres installed at a dealership, you make sure the job is done right.

Even though we lend you a hand in finding the right tyres for your vehicle quickly, knowing exactly what your tyres are capable of is helpful in maximizing your driving experience. Automotive terms might become white noise after a while, but understanding the difference between tyre types and which one is right for your vehicle is easy.

Passenger & Touring Tyres

Passenger and touring tyres provide long, even treadwear and a quiet, comfortable ride. All-season performance is also a popular feature on these tyres. If you drive a family vehicle or a luxury coupe, sedan, convertible, or SUV, passenger and touring tyres deliver the ride you want.

Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are designed for high-powered vehicles like sports cars and performance sedans and coupes. They are made of special materials that provide added grip. Performance tyres come in summer and all-season varieties. Summer performance tyres provide excellent handling, cornering, and stability, but are often not suitable for driving in anything but dry conditions. All-season tyres can be driven in dry conditions, rain, or light snow.

Light Truck, Crossover & SUV Tyres

This type of tyre is meant for heavier vehicles like full-sized SUVs, some crossovers, and light trucks like pickup trucks. Automotive light truck, crossover, and SUV tyres are made to carry the extra weight of these vehicles. The load range and speed rating should be matched to the vehicle. Within their range, these tyres support your extra cargo safely.

If you drive a high performance SUV or truck, there are tyres to match. High performance tyres come in sizes and designs that suit large vehicles. Automotive engineers make these vehicles to deliver stunning performance. Performance light truck, crossover, and SUV tyres make sure you get the most out of your impressive vehicle.

For those who like to take their SUV or light truck off road, there are all-terrain and mud terrain tyres. These tyres are made to grip through rough terrain like gravel, rocks, mud, and dirt. If your automotive adventure doesn’t stop when the road does, these tyres may be right for you.

Low Rolling Resistance Tyres

Low rolling resistance tyres are a great way to support your vehicles fuel efficiency. The materials and design of these tyres reduces the amount of resistance against the vehicles forward motion. That means it takes less gas per mile to drive your vehicle.

Many drivers turn to low rolling resistance tyres to help reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. Others use them to save money. Whatever your reason for choosing them, low rolling resistance tyres help your vehicle perform while making it more efficient.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are rated by the Rubber Manufacturers Association to handle severe winter weather. Severe weather means very cold temperatures, heavy snow, or ice. If you live in an area that experiences a bad winter, you may want to consider winter tyres. Winter tyres help you keep traction in these adverse conditions.

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