Auto Air Conditioner (24VDC) (DL-1800)

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While the meaning of Black Death has changed from being the deadly plague in the fourteenth century, a vehicle’s air conditioning system that experiences this condition can be infected. This condition begins outside the compressor due to the breakdown of the refrigerant. Since the refrigerant breakdown leads to an ugly wear, the grimy and sharp metal particles that are created at this time can circulate through your air conditioning system causing damage to the whole system.

Auto Air Conditioner

Several factors at play

It is sad that you feel uncomfortable due the weak airflow. The sweat is adequate to drive you crazy. However, there are several factors at play. Whether your truck has the Auto Air Conditioner (24VDC) (DL-1800) or otherwise, it is advisable to be alert always. If you realize that there is a reduction in the airflow take the necessary step: let it be checked before you run into more trouble. Major causes of a weak airflow include:

v Mildew or mold accumulation in the evaporator core. This prevents air from reaching the air vents.

v Loose hose. This normally occurs in the blower hose supplying air to your blower unit.

v Fried ventilation. In case the fan is not functioning, the airflow will be interrupted.

v Seals. The blower house seals, evaporator core case or core case seals can open up diminishing the airflow. It is important to check them as all air conditioners, including the Auto Air Conditioner (24VDC) (DL-1800) among others, have very sensitive ventilation systems and should remain sealed. If they remain open, the entire system will be compromised.

Visit your auto mechanic to have your vehicle ac fixed to be assured of the standalone air conditioning every time you are in your vehicle.

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